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Medical Chart Auditors

We provide a staff of experienced Nurse Auditors, which include: Nurse Practitioners, Masters Prepared Registered Nurses and Certified Medical Audit Specialist (CMAS) with strong clinical and billing experience.

Our Nurse Auditors will review the complete medical record. This includes doctor’s orders, nurse’s notes and various department reports line-by-line against the itemized bill to ensure that all ancillary services, surgical procedures, supplies, medications, etc. were ordered & delivered to the patient as billed. 

Certified Coders


Our Certified Coders are highly trained Coding professionals holding credentials from either the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).  Our Certified Coders will perform both prospective and retrospective chart audits to ensure adequate documentation and accurate CPT, ICD-10-CM, CPT-4, E&M coding, DRG Validation and ICD-10, AHIMA Approved ICD-10 Trainers.

Appeal & Denial Management


Our staff of Case Managers, Registered Nurses, Physician Advisory and Certified Coders with denial defense experience can assist in identifying and correcting the causes of denials and following with denial appeal process.

Conducting Concurrent Audit Reviews to verify that charges represent services rendered to the patient are accurate and are ordered by physician and identify and correct any discrepancies and provide necessary support and education to physicians and staff in order to improve clinical documentation.   

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