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Effective Work Habits

Effective work habits include learning a few techniques to keep your tasks running smoothly, but you also need to learn how to create effective work habits in your work social arena as well. You do not want to lose your position at work just because of gossip. Under performance, poor social choices and negativity are ineffective work habits that you want to avoid.

1. Write down every task that you want or need to complete. Include every item and detail, such as cleaning out your desk drawer, cleaning the top of your desk and organizing email folders.

2. Rank every item on your new list in order of importance. For example, if you have pending deadlines for your boss, but you just can't stand your cluttered desktop any longer, ignore the desktop and meet your deadlines first. Prioritize work tasks in order of importance to the company's overall goals first.

3. Set goals and dates for completion of all tasks. Use your calendar and calculate the number of hours you work each day to determine exactly what you can and cannot realistically accomplish. Complete all tasks and add new tasks to your lists when assigned.

4. Keep your work area clean. Organize not only your desk, but all electronic communications, including your email inbox, your work folders, and directories. Your goal is to retrieve information quickly and effectively.

5. Remove yourself from negative social ties at workplace, including clicks and gossip circles. Engage in conversation as though every word you speak is into a microphone and broadcast to the CEO's office (as well as to everyone in between). Office politics are not only time wasters, but also career killers. If you want to work effectively, watch your social conduct. When others are in conflict, do not choose sides.

6. Refrain from arguing with your boss, even when he or she is wrong. Unless your boss is asking you to work unethically, take the assignment, and take it happily. Maintain a positive attitude. If you want or need to vent, do so to a trusted source outside of your workplace. While at work, remain professional and pleasant and never show negativity.

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