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What Makes A Great Manager

They say that people join companies and leave managers. This is very much a true fact, so it becomes that much more important to ask What makes a great manager? If you are a manager and you are not asking what makes a great manager, then you are missing out on some key information that will make your job easier and your employees’ job easier and more fulfilling.

Think of how much easier your job as a manager would be if you could retain key employees and avoid training new employees. If you can win the confidence and respect of your employees by asking and delivering on what makes a great manager, you will have an easier life, and your employees will love you for it. So, what makes a great manager?

A great manager listens first then responds: Your employees will want to tell you ideas, concerns, information, and general day to day chatter. Avoid distractions and interrupting even if you know the answer let your employee have their say. People have a natural drive to be heard and allowing employees to finish their statements goes a long way in building respect.

A great manager recognizes positive actions and efforts: When your employees complete something successfully or show initiative recognize it. This take discipline as its easy enough just to see what has been done and say to yourself "good". If you notice that turn it around and thank your employee for that accomplishment. Many who know what makes a great manager know that most employees are not motivated by sheer money. They need recognition even if it is not public. Great managers know that employees feed off acknowledgement that their job is being done well.

A Great Manager Shares the Wealth: Many managers receive bonus compensation based on the efforts of their team members. If as a manager, you are compensated based on the efforts of others reward them each time you receive your bonus. Take them to lunch on "you" so they know you appreciate how their efforts contribute to your own paycheck.

A Great Manager Sets Clear Expectations: Employees should always know what you expect of them. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set deliverable milestones for each employee over a set period of time. Then review the employee’s performance vs. the milestone or deliverable and discuss ways to improve or congratulate them on a job well done and set new goals.

A Great Manager Provides A Roadmap to Success: One of the key things a great manager can do is lay out a roadmap for your employee to follow to be a success. In addition to one-on-one meetings, a great manager should sit down at least six months prior to a performance review to explain where the employee is at and find out where they want to be and work out a way to get there. Some employees may be satisfied with "good" performance, some will want to achieve a performance review that is above average. It is critical to assist those wanting to outperform with a roadmap to do so. This can be challenging but is key to developing outstanding employees.

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